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Tokens Consumption Note: Please note that this tool consumes multiple tokens equal to the grid size multiplication result. That means if you select the 11x11 grid size, you will need to have at least 121 tokens.

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Local/Maps Rankings

Check any business rankings on Google local/maps results in different coordinations

Bird's-eye Rankings

See a bird's-eye view of your local maps rankings on an interactive map

Local Ranking KPIs

Check out your avg. rankings, top three results percentage and outranking share

Competitive Insights

See how your business compare against your top competitors in your immediate area

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The Most Precise Local/Maps Rankings Checker

Google Maps/Local rankings changes depending on the precise location of the person who searches for a business or place. Depending on the distance or proximity of a person to your business, they see different rankings for your target search terms. Thus most SERP Tracker tools that provide just one single maps rankings are missing out on this crucial proximity factor. Nexunom's local SERP checker is built to lets you find out how your business is doing in local results in different coordinations around your business location and then show you a bird's-eye view of your rankings. Nexunom's local maps SERP Checker also provides you with the following key performance indicators to help you better understand your results.

Avg. Position

See what's your real average ranking for any keyword in any location and for any business

Outranking Share

Nexunom's local SERP checker's outranking share lets you see in how often you outrank your competitors

Top-3 Percent

Top-3 percent KPI lets you see how often your business in top three results in your nearby areas.