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With our keyword research tool, you can find valuable keywords by just using one simple seed keyword. Get started today!

Free Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research is an essential element to your online marketing success. The right keywords can catapult you ahead of your competition and set you apart.

Find Long-tail Keywords

If you aren’t sure what longtail keywords you should be using our keyword finder tool will help.

Find Related Questions/Phrases

Our tool let you find lots of related questions and phrases that can help you rank better.

Find Relevant LSI Keywords

Our tool can provide you semantically related keywords that correlate to your topic.

Keyword Popularity Checker

We calculate the keyword popularity percentage for each keyword using our unique method.

Keyword Difficulty Checker

We calculate keyword difficulty level for your seed keyword, helping you target the right keywords.

Keyword Sentiment Analysis

We’ll tell you the Sentiment value of each keywords including it's Strength, Passion and Reach

Summary Section

Keywords Tables

Accociated Keywords Tags

Related Questions Wheel

KW Explorer! Core Features

In addition to these features, you will also have the ability to download your research to CSV, have real-time SERP results, sentiment analysis, and social media metrics.

Multiple Languages

CSV Download

Compeletely Free

SERP Overview

Multiple Sources

Social Media News

Up to Moment Data

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Frequently asked Question

A keyword research tool helps you automate the process of finding relevant keywords for your online marketing campaigns. It lets you discover new relevant long or short term keywords and enables you to identify the competition, popularity, and difficulty of a keyword term by providing relevant keywords metrics.
That’s where keyword research comes in, and Nexunom's KW Explorer! helps you find the right keywords for your online marketing. If you aren’t using the right keywords, and the right mix of long and short tail keywords, you are selling yourself short.
Keyword research requires you to think like a customer – which words are they using when they search for something you can provide them? You need to not only understand how your customers think, but also analyze what your competition is doing, to determine which keywords are the right keywords to target and when. That can be time consuming, but Nexunom’s Keyword Research Tool (KW Explorer!) can help you streamline your research.
A keyword suggestion tool helps you find related keywords for a seed keyword or topic you provide it with while a keyword research tool performs a broader range of functions. A keyword research tool provides more than a mere keyword suggesting; it gives you keywords metrics data such as keyword's difficulty, keyword's popularity, search volume, CPC, trends, etc.
Right now, our KW Explorer! provides you with, keyword's difficulty level, keyword's popularity, and keyword's sentiment value. We will be adding search volume and trends in future updates.
A keyword research tool enables you to identify relevant keywords, topics, questions, and phrases that, if used correctly in your content development and SEO optimization campaigns, will result in outperforming your competitors.
A keyword research tool like our KW Explorer! lets you discover related keywords, phrases, and questions that people search to find your business, enabling you to optimize your Google Ads copy, your landing pages, and your target keyword list.

Get Keywords Ideas From Many Sources

Our Keyword research tool, KW Explorer! pulls keywords data form many sources, including major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as important social media sites like Twitter, Reddit, etc.






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