Guest Post Guidelines

Nexunom accepts quality Guest Posts from established marketing and SEO firms. To submit your guest post for inclusion on our site, read the following quality guidelines and fill out the form below to send your topics for approval.

  1. The topic must be SEO-related. Other accepted topics as of right now are Online Reviews and Reputation Management, Chatbots, and Dropshipping. The topic should equally be related to your field of work. For example, if it is eCommerce and you want to write about chatbots, it should be related to the use of chatbots on eCommerce websites. Your topic should be approved by our team first.
  2. The article should be between 750 to 2500 words.
  3. It should be 100% uniquely written; no duplicate content is accepted. You can not publish the same article on any other website, not even your own site. You can not post the reworded version of this article on any other website either.
  4. The content should be 100% human-written and should not be generated by any AI Text Generator tool.
  5. It should be 100% informative; and not only focused on advertorial content.
  6. You can include up to three natural links (depending on the length of the article.) Links will be do-follow and should occur naturally throughout the piece. Nexunom should approve the quality of the linked destination web pages as well as the anchor texts.
  7. You should submit a short bio describing your services, your software or submit a brief author’s bio.
  8. There is a $39 one-time editorial fee. Our Editorial team should review your piece and approve the quality of your article. The fee is the compensation for the time our team has to put into your guest post to make sure your piece is in line with Nexunom’s editorial guidelines.

Pleae note that paying the full editorial fee ($39) is a mandatory step without which your request won’t be accepted.

You can send your article to us for approval using the form below.


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