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A Comprehensive Orthodontic SEO Keyword List: Optimize Your Orthodontic Marketing

Orthodontic SEO Keyword List

Targeting the right keywords is crucial for your orthodontic marketing campaign and SEO efforts. When it comes to orthodontic SEO, the most essential keywords to target are “orthodontist” and “braces,” combined with your location name. Then comes the list of all the different braces options, such as Invisalign, Lingual Braces, Spark, Clear Aligners, Ceramic Braces, etc.

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  • Saeed Khosravi

    Online Marketing Expert, MIB Graduate From HEC Montréal and Serial Entrepreneur. Founder/Owner of Nexunom.com, ReviewTool.com, Allintitle.co and Tavata.com. Working in Digital Marketing Field Since 2008.

Branded Vs. Non Branded Terms

Branded terms are those keywords that include your practice’s name, the orthodontist’s name, phone number, part of the address, or any of their variations. Any phrases that include any of your branded terms can fall under the category of branded keywords. On the other hand, non-branded keywords have no mention of your practice’s name, orthodontist’s name, phone number, or website address. It’s vital to target and optimize your orthodontic website for both your branded and non-branded terms. With the impact of Google SGE on orthodontic and dental SEO, as well as competitors bidding on your branded terms with Google Ads, optimizing your branded terms is more important than ever before. However, non-branded keywords are the ones that most of your orthodontic marketing focus will be on.

Treatment Related Keywords

After that, go for keywords related to different treatment options, for example, “underbite treatment,” “overbite treatment,” “jaw surgery,” etc., combined with your location name, these keywords can provide your orthodontic practice with high quality leads that can be easily turned into a free consultation appointment.

Near Me Keywords

Don’t forget about the “near me” terms. For example, “orthodontist near me,” “braces near me,” and “Invisalign provider near me” are of huge importance as they receive more and more search volume from people searching for providers near them.

Pricing Related Keywords

Pricing-related keywords are also of huge importance; make sure to target keywords such as “Braces Cost [Location Name],” “Invisalign Cost [Location Name],” and so on.

Insurance-Related Keywords

After that, target insurance-related terms, such as “orthodontist accepting [name of the insurance you accept],” “braces [insurance name].” Don’t forget the more generic insurance-related terms, such as “cost of braces with insurance,” “cost of Invisalign with insurance,” etc.

Age Groups Keywords

Then, ensure you also target keywords related to different age groups for orthodontic treatment and their variations, most importantly, “orthodontics for [kids, children, adults, or teens] in [location name],” “[kids, children, adults, or teens] orthodontist [location name],” “[kids, children, adults, or teens] braces [location name],” “braces for [kids, children, adults, or teens] [location name].”

Secondary Treatment Keywords

Don’t forget about the secondary treatment options such as “TMJ treatment,” “Sleep Apnea treatment,” etc. Use a combination of these terms with your location name if you provide them in your orthodontic practice.

Our List of Top Orthodontic SEO Keywords

Below, I have shared 103 keywords for orthodontic practices that you should target with your content marketing, SEO, and Google Ads campaigns. This list is not all-inclusive but can help you as a starting point. Go through them one by one and omit the ones that do not relate to your practice, or add the ones we might have missed to this list. Then, you have a great list of keywords for your orthodontic campaign. These are the keywords that you should monitor on daily basis with a rank tracking software.

  1. removable braces [Location Name]
  2. traditional braces [Location Name]
  3. self ligating braces [Location Name]
  4. self-ligating braces [Location Name]
  5. clear braces [Location Name]
  6. custom braces [Location Name]
  7. accelerated orthodontics [Location Name]
  8. board certified orthodontist [Location Name]
  9. invisalign teen [Location Name]
  10. aesthetic braces [Location Name]
  11. [Location Name] family orthodontics
  12. ceramic braces [Location Name]
  13. [Location Name] best orthodontist
  14. surgical orthodontist [Location Name]
  15. [Location Name] adult orthodontist
  16. [Location Name] surgical orthodontics
  17. braces for teens [Location Name]
  18. metal braces [Location Name]
  19. adult orthodontics [Location Name]
  20. [Location Name] family orthodontist
  21. braces in [Location Name]
  22. clear braces in [Location Name]
  23. dr [Location Name] orthodontist
  24. family orthodontist [Location Name]
  25. surgical orthodontics [Location Name]
  26. adult orthodontist [Location Name]
  27. best orthodontist [Location Name]
  28. [Location Name] braces
  29. braces [Location Name]
  30. braces cost [Location Name]
  31. best orthodontist [Location Name]
  32. invisalign orthodontist [Location Name]
  33. orthodontic treatment in [Location Name]
  34. affordable braces [Location Name]
  35. braces in [Location Name]
  36. lingual braces [Location Name]
  37. lingual braces in [Location Name]
  38. braces for adults [Location Name]
  39. orthodontist [Location Name]
  40. propel orthodontics [Location Name]
  41. [Location Name] orthodontist
  42. invisalign [Location Name] cost
  43. invisalign cost [Location Name]
  44. orthodontist [Location Name] nx
  45. orthodontist near me [Location Name]
  46. [Location Name] orthodontic
  47. [Location Name] orthodontics
  48. [Location Name] orthodontics
  49. [Location Name] orthodontist
  50. braces [Location Name]
  51. orthodontics in [Location Name]
  52. orthodontist [Location Name]
  53. orthodontist in [Location Name]
  54. permanent retainers [Location Name]
  55. children’s braces [Location Name]
  56. orthodontics [Location Name]
  57. orthodontist [Location Name]
  58. orthodontist in [Location Name]
  59. orthodontists [Location Name]
  60. orthodontists in [Location Name]
  61. [Location Name] orthodontist
  62. invisalign [Location Name]
  63. orthodontic treatment [Location Name]
  64. orthodontists in [Location Name]
  65. clear aligners [Location Name]
  66. northwest [Location Name] orthodontics
  67. orthodontics [Location Name]
  68. orthodontics in [Location Name]
  69. invisible braces [Location Name]
  70. [Location Name] orthodontists
  71. invisalign [Location Name]
  72. orthodontists [Location Name]
  73. orthodontists [Location Name]
  74. children orthodontics [Location Name]
  75. [Location Name] children orthodontist
  76. [Location Name] invisalign
  77. children orthodontist [Location Name]
  78. braces for children [Location Name]
  79. kids orthodontist [Location Name]
  80. smile orthodontics [Location Name]
  81. retainers [Location Name]
  82. braces with the medical card [Location Name]
  83. dentofacial orthopedics [Location Name]
  84. pediatric orthodontics [Location Name]
  85. acceledent [Location Name]
  86. [Location Name] children’s orthodontist
  87. [Location Name] spark
  88. damon braces [Location Name]
  89. damon system [Location Name]
  90. dentofacial orthopedics in [Location Name]
  91. insignia [Location Name]
  92. orthodontist for children [Location Name]
  93. orthodontist south [Location Name]
  94. sleep apnea [Location Name]
  95. sleep apnea treatment [Location Name]
  96. spark [Location Name]
  97. spark aligners [Location Name]
  98. spark clear aligners [Location Name]
  99. tmj specialist [Location Name]
  100. tmj expert [Location Name]
  101. tmj treatment [Location Name]

Consider Using a Keyword Research Tool

There are numerous keyword research tools you can use to help discover and prioritize your keyword list for your orthodontic marketing campaign. The one we suggest is Allintitle. You can start with its free keyword finder tool and then move on to its more advanced tools, such as its People Also Ask keyword research tool, keyword gap analysis tool, KGR bulk checker, and more. Allintitle is based on real-time keyword data from important sources such as Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and more. Other keyword research tools you can use are Semrush and Ahrefs.

Allintitle.co Free Keyword Finder Tool

Let Our Experts Create Your Keywords List

If you need help creating your target keyword list for your orthodontic marketing campaign, be it Google Ads, SEO, or Facebook ads, Nexunom can help you create a comprehensive list of all the keywords that you need to target for each of your marketing initiatives. We can help you put together a list of keywords that you need to target with SEO, Google Ads, Facebook, and so on for all your neighbouring areas in your 10-mile or 15-mile radius. Contact us today, and we will get you started in no time.

About the Author

  • Saeed Khosravi

    Online Marketing Expert, MIB Graduate From HEC Montréal and Serial Entrepreneur. Founder/Owner of Nexunom.com, ReviewTool.com, Allintitle.co and Tavata.com. Working in Digital Marketing Field Since 2008.

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