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Best Practices for Highlighting Patient Testimonials on Orthodontic Websites

Highlighting Patient Testimonials on Orthodontic Websites

Building trust with potential patients is paramount. When someone is considering orthodontic treatment, they want to know that they’re in capable hands. One of the most effective ways to establish credibility and reassure prospective patients is through the use of patient testimonials on your orthodontic website. However, not all testimonials are created equal, and it’s crucial to use them strategically to make the best impression. In this article, we’ll explore some best practices for highlighting patient testimonials on orthodontic websites. If you need to improve your orthodontic website design or performance, or want to add your patients’ reviews or testimonials to your website, or if you wish to do a complete redesign of your orthodontic practice’s website, contact us and we will get back to you to discuss our services in more details with you..

About the Author

  • Saeed Khosravi

    Online Marketing Expert, MIB Graduate From HEC Montréal and Serial Entrepreneur. Founder/Owner of Nexunom.com, ReviewTool.com, Allintitle.co and Tavata.com. Working in Digital Marketing Field Since 2008.

1. Authenticity is Key

The first rule of showcasing patient testimonials is authenticity. Patients are looking for genuine experiences from real people, not overly polished or scripted endorsements. Encourage your current patients to share their honest feedback and avoid any temptation to edit their comments to make them sound better. Authenticity breeds trust.

2. Use a Variety of Media

Don’t limit yourself to text-based testimonials. Utilize a range of media formats such as videos, images, and audio recordings to showcase your patients’ experiences. Videos, in particular, are incredibly effective as they allow prospective patients to see and hear the excitement and sincerity in the testimonial giver’s voice and expression. We can help you add your video testimonials to your website in a nice way like the example below.

Video Testimonials Orthodontic Website
Nexunom Orthodontic Web Design Client – Showing Video Testimonials Carousel Above-the-fold

3. Include Before-and-After Photos

When it comes to orthodontic treatments, before-and-after photos can be incredibly persuasive. Combine these with patient testimonials to create a powerful impact. Ensure that the images are high-quality, well-lit, and showcase the transformation your patients have undergone. Nexunom can help you create a beautiful interactive before/after gallery with sliding images and tabs to categories before/after photos based on the underlaying orthodontic malocclusion treated in each case. Contact us to learn more about our website improvement services for orthodontic practices.

before after gallery example orthodontic website
Our Orthodontic Website Design Client – Beautiful Before/After Gallery

4. Highlight Diverse Experiences

Feature testimonials from a variety of patients who have undergone different orthodontic treatments, such as braces, Invisalign, or other specialized procedures. This diversity will help potential patients see that your practice can cater to their unique needs and challenges.

5. Showcase Success Stories

Identify and emphasize success stories among your patients. These success stories should highlight the positive impact your orthodontic treatments have had on their lives, such as improved confidence, better oral health, or enhanced aesthetics. Success stories provide inspiration and motivation for prospective patients. Nexunom can help you create a content marketing strategy for your orthodontic practice that includes showcasing orthodontic patient success stories in the form of blog posts.

Orthodontic website highlighting patient success stories
Nexunom Client – Highlighting Orthodontic Patient Success Story via a Blog Post

6. Include Specific Details

Encourage your patients to include specific details in their testimonials. Ask them to share how long they’ve been your patient, the type of treatment they received, any challenges they faced, and the outcomes they achieved. Specificity adds credibility and helps prospective patients relate to their experiences.

7. Keep it Concise

While detailed testimonials are valuable, it’s essential to keep them concise and to the point. Potential patients may not have the patience to read lengthy testimonials, so focus on the most critical information that highlights the patient’s journey and satisfaction.

8. Organize Testimonials Strategically

Consider placing patient testimonials strategically throughout your website. You can include them on your homepage, treatment pages, and even in your blog posts or newsletters. Make sure they are easily accessible and not buried deep within your website.

9. Stay Compliant

Ensure that your use of patient testimonials complies with all applicable healthcare regulations and privacy laws. Obtain written consent from patients before featuring their testimonials on your website and be transparent about how you plan to use their feedback.

10. Encourage Ongoing Feedback

Continue to encourage reviews, feedback and testimonials from your patients regularly. You can use our Review Tool to automatically ask your patients to write a review for your on your Google listing, Yelp or even on your own website via text and email. This not only helps you gather more reviews and content for your website but also demonstrates your commitment to providing excellent care and staying connected with your patient community.

Patient testimonials are a compelling tool for building trust and attracting new patients to your orthodontic practice. By following these best practices, you can effectively showcase the positive experiences of your patients and differentiate your practice in a competitive market. Remember, authenticity and a patient-centric approach should always be at the heart of your testimonials strategy.

About the Author

  • Saeed Khosravi

    Online Marketing Expert, MIB Graduate From HEC Montréal and Serial Entrepreneur. Founder/Owner of Nexunom.com, ReviewTool.com, Allintitle.co and Tavata.com. Working in Digital Marketing Field Since 2008.

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